Tuesday 5 November 2013

6mm Napoleonic Russian Lancers

Sorry for delay in updating blog, but started a new job Working weekends at Edinburgh, which is a 5 hour train ride away and results in me losing Friday and Monday traveling and most of Monday.

There have be some new additions to the Russians, with more pictures to follow later this week when I have completed the basing.

The following is a taster of what's to come.

Vladimir Lancers
Iamburg Lancers
Guard Lancers
Looking at the possibility of doing a demo game at Blog Con this Saturday, so the Russians may get
there first outing, that's if I manage to get he infantry flags done in time, but should manage.

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Winter War Kickstart project

Just to add more to the lead mountain I could not resist this Winter War Kick-start project.

I am not normally a fan of 28mm WWII as I already have a large 10mm Collection, but this offer could not be missed out on.

This is what I will receive so far with nearly £35,000 already pleaded to the project.

A total of around 240 miniatures for only £120.00 plus artillery, HMG's, and tanks not forgetting field Kitchen's for both side.

Before this project end I can see myself upping my pledge to add extras to each side.

6mm Napoleonic Russian Collection

This is my current Russian collection for the Battle of Borodino which I hope to do in the near future.

30 Battalions of Line Infantry
8  Battalions of Jaegers
5 Regiments of Dragoons
5 Regiments of Cuirassiers
3 Regiments of Hussars
4 Regiments of Cossacks
5 Gun Batteries
4 Command stands

I would love to take credit for the painting of these figures, but they have been painted for me by various different painters.

The scale of the project and my lack of spare time (I am self employed), I had no choice but have the majority of my 6mm Napoleonic figures painted for me.

This still leaves me with the figures to base, and flag (still to be done on the Russians) and the terrain.

This is not the only 6mm Napoleonic project the I have on the go, am also building up the British Army for Waterloo which the majority of them are finished (pics to follow)


This is my first attempt at doing a blog, and I can thank my friend Ian from The Blog With No Name for the encouragement to start this blog.

I have been a wargames and figure collector for 30 years, and have a large lead pile that just keeps getting bigger (like most people I know).

Most of my interest is in the Napoleonic wars for which I have a large 28mm collection and also a large 6mm collection.

I am also interested in WWII, ancients, and fantasy roleplaying